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Welcome to The Irreverent Sales Girl

Fake it ’til you make it?

Fake it 'til you make it?When I was first getting started building my Investment Management business, I was terrified of meeting with clients. I had the education. I felt confident that I could help, but I was afraid to ask for the business. I was afraid I could not connect with the customers.

What to do about my insecurities?

So, I came up with this great idea. I was a big fan of Law & Order at the time. It was when Angie Harmon was on the show playing a no-nonsense, beautiful, composed attorney. She always kept her cool and she always had it together. And, she looked great doing it!

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I decided I would “be” Angie Harmon in every meeting. I dressed the part and I acted just like she would in all of the conversations.

It worked like a charm.

Every meeting I walked in with the confidence and poise of Angie Harmon. I listened like she did. I spoke calmly and clearly just like she always did.

I constituted myself as someone successful. And people responded.

People opened up to me and I found it easy to take my time to hear what they wanted and make solid recommendations. Then, I confidently opened the conversation to ask for the business. I calmly pulled out the paperwork at the right time. And the prospects became clients over 80% of the time – in the first meeting.

Find the person who you can “be” to take your business to the next level. Maybe it’s James Bond, or Cat Woman, or a mentor. Put yourself aside and act the part.

Soon, it will start to come naturally! And you will be who you wanted to be and enjoy the same success!

Love your icons UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

The unlikely celebrity…YOU!

The Unlikely Celebrity ... YOU! Wanna be a celebrity?

(Of course you do!)

Here’s my observance….

We THINK that the people who are celebrities were somehow “meant to be” iconic celebrities.

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But, it’s not that way.

People FIND their own particular passion..and then they do it with NO reticence.

They find their own passion and then they do it with NO reticence.

They give up anything “safe” and they are ONLY them … at any cost.

And then they become fabulously famous!

Are you ready to BE ONLY YOU?

What will it cost? (Everything! It will be worth it).

Love your celebrity UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Let’s cut to the C**P, shall we? You wanna be #1?

OK, I very rarely invite untoward language…

But, here it is…

On a call with Gary Hart today ( I spoke with a man who has BEEN selling his whole life.

(HINT: you may be listening to sales “experts”, but check it out – Have they sold ANYTHING beyond themselves?)


Yes! You haven’t been listening to people who have DONE sales, you have been listening to people who have “studied” sales. You have been listening for people who need YOU to succeed, so that THEY can succeed.

That is why it doesn’t work. NOT FOR YOU.

At any rate, I was talking with Gary (and we can arrange a joint conversation, if you have the courage to ask)…and we boiled it down. If you want to be a top salesperson there are two things to do: (AGAIN, I post the opportunity…IF YOU WANT TO BE A TOP SALESPERSON … ASK US FOR A N INTERVIEW (free, sad thing is, you won’t.)

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Back to the topic, if you want to be a top salesperson:

1) Decide that you will be a top salesperson (and do whatever it takes to get there)

2) Have the confidence to do it

That’s pretty much it.

Sorry to disappoint you. It’s not complicated.

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

My Incredible Theme for 2013

Incredible 2013

An Incredible 2013

The amazing Rochelle Moulton ( turned me on to a SUPER-fun planning workbook and calendar for 2013. I have already gotten started and I am loving it. You can view it at:

The most powerful question yet

As I work through my plan, Leonie has asked me to pick one word that will be the theme for 2013.

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I have been chewing and chewing on this one. If there were one word that would focus me on my next steps, what would it be.

On my walk in the woods with my puppies today, I thought….”I’ve got it! The word is DISCIPLINE! THAT is what I am going to need to take my business to the next level. I will need new habits, new ways of doing things, new structures in place to suppport all the goodness!”

My next thought was:

“UGH! Discipline!”

This theme was NOT going to do the trick. It would not take me through the planning workbook, nevermind all of 2013. Still, there was something in there. Something I KNOW would make the difference.

And then it came to me like a Lightbulb coming on!

If I were bringing discipline to all my new habits and practices and ways of doing business and relationships, I would be displaying…


Honor for my loved ones.

Honor for my clients.

Honor for my puppies.

Honor for my commitments.

Honor for my financial health.

Honor for the privilege it is to be alive.

Honor for my body.

Honor for YOU!

I have discovered MY theme. What is yours?

I invite you – as you create your Incredible 2013. What will your theme be? What word will you use to focus you on what is next and most delightfully important.

Love your 2013 UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

What if it is just THAT EASY…?

Ever notice how you have things in your life that came easily to you? Maybe you have a fabulous job. Maybe you have a great car. A magnificent relationship with the love of your life.  Not that it didn’t take work and focus, but it is something that is obvious that you have. And it’s likely something that other people WISH they had.

Now look at the things that you want badly badly badly …. but it seems too HARD to get. But, OTHER people have that thing, and for them, it’s been obvious and easy!

My point? Maybe you’re making it HARD. Hmmmm… What if you could change up your mindset? The focus and intention and right work could become obvious to you.

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It is in the nature of barriers that they fall. (Thanks, Quentin Crisp!)

I invite you to go help those barriers in your life meet their true nature sooner rather than later!

Love your desires UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Where TRUE professionals win their chops!

If you are a true professional, it is LIKELY that you have Narcissistic Tendencies.

I know I do.

I want to achieve MY goals! I truly do.

Yet..I have realized..I MUST GET OTHER PEOPLE what they want for me to get what I WANT.

I don’t care if you are religious…this story still applies.

C.S. Lewis wrote an essay about Heaven and Hell.

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In each scenario, everyone had a BANQUET laid out in front of them at the table. The trick was that everyone had splints on their arms which prevented them from getting their hands to their mouths.

In HELL, everyone sat around the table – lamenting that they could not feed themselves from the sumptuous table.

In HEAVEN, everyone fed each other.

WHO ARE YOU? Are you looking to feed yourself OR looking to feed others and trust that you will be fed? It’s an important choice.

LOVE your community UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Know when you are Irrelevant…

Oftentimes, I hear people refer to me as The Irrelevant Sales Girl…and EACH TIME it cracks me up! I LOVE IT!

Because, I AM Irrelevant.

You are the ONLY thing that matters. You don’t give a ……about what I HAVE ACHIEVED! YOU care about what you have achieved and what you are GOING to achieve.

My ONLY job is to find out how I can help you get there. Period!

People keep telling me to “come out from behind the avatar” of The Irreverent Sales Girl.

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I’m not going to do it. Here’s why. The Irreverent Sales Girl inspires you. There is nothing to resist. She is a Cartoon Character for God’s Sake. Today, YOU are The Irreverent Sales Girl. Not “me”.

YOU matter. What YOU have to say is important. I want you to BE The Irreverent Sales Girl. (Or whatever you choose.) I will do it, too. We will do it TOGETHER!

Together, we become a community of WE MATTER! We have a voice!

You want to know who I am? Go to Twitter and look up @isalesgirl and ask for a phone call. I will have it with you! I WANT to know who you are and if I can help and what you are up to!  BUT, you have to PROMISE that you won’t reveal my true identity to CNBC when they call you! Pinky swear?

Let’s go out and create something magical! What do you say?

Love your OWN LIFE UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Find someone smarter than you…

I am a lucky girl!

Everyone around me is smarter than I am.

It makes me better.

And you? Who do you need to bring on? Who do you need to cut loose?

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Just sayin’

If you are going to be your best, surround yourself WITH the best! As far as your eye can see! Surprise yourself!

Love it all UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

I hesitate to do this, please forgive me!

For three-and-a-half years now, you have been coming to my site for inspiration and resources. And love. And permission to be you….

Tonight, I am going to step outside of what I normally do…I am going to recommend that you BUY something. Aaaarrrgggh….you think…NOT YOU! I trusted you!

Yet, I have examined this curriculum, the price…I have personally met the people… Additionally, I MAKE NO MONEY if you participate.

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This stuff is really good.

I believe that you should put 3% of your income aside for education (Personally, I put 10% aside). This could fit into your professional development budget!

And this is some of the best stuff around.

Please check out and pick the teleseminar that is best for you. (I especially recommend Anthony Iannarinao – WHOA). You will NOT be disappointed (and if you are you can tell me).

I am also committed to the success of the most profound leaders in the sales industry…the ones who want to bring a Dash of Dignity to the Art of Selling…THIS MISSION is important to me. I’m just sayin’

Thank you for trusting me.


The Irreverent Sales Girl