You May Be An Order Taker If…

If you’re having trouble hitting your numbers, you may be an order-taker!

What do I mean by Order-Taker?

An order-taker is a salesperson who is  so knee-deep in the accounts they are working  and the inbound requests they are responding to that they stop prospecting.

Don’t get me wrong. This can be a great cushy life – but, if you’re not consistently taking some actions to fill your pipeline with new, fresh opportunities (hunting), then I promise that your savvy sales chops are getting rusty – and you are running the risk of a pipeline that dries up!

Watch the Order-Episode of The SellOut Show! 

It gets worse! Order takers often become so reactive to the urgency that is right in front of them that they don’t even grow and service their existing accounts to their maximum value.

It’s a trap!

Think about it…

What happens if your best clients shut their doors tomorrow – or start to work with someone else? (Oh, yes, your competition IS calling on your clients). What if your main contact leaves the company you’re taking orders from? Are you multi-threaded and have deep relationships with others so that you keep the business? How will you replace the business you’ve lost and how long will it take?

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Here’s a special quiz, just for you, to help you discover if you are falling into this trap.

You know you’re an order taker if: (mark all that apply)

  • You haven’t picked up the phone all week to call someone you’ve never met before.
  • You have clients you haven’t talked to in 6 months – but you’ve got a nagging feeling you should reach out to them.
  • You don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “pipeline”
  • You are fretting about pennies on the dollar and price

If you marked any one of these as TRUE, do not worry – there is a cure. It is time to re-ignite your prospecting habits. A full pipeline cures all ills!

The best place to start?  Put together a referral plan!

If you’re spending all your time and energy with existing accounts anyway – start asking for referrals from the clients you love! Take a minute now and flip through your customer list. Find 3 people you’re going to ask for referrals.

If you want to learn more about asking for referrals, check out Shawn Karol Sandy’s (my SellOut Show co-host) blog article here:

Time to get your chops up and start playing some offense! That’s how the Solid Six-ers do it!

And don’t forget to…

Love ‘em ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Want to Go from 5 to 6 Figures in Sales? Get your FREE eBook!

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