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Well, this book is refreshing.

Challenge the trends in sales. 

My friend, Mike Weinberg, says that all this talk about how “sales has changed” and “selling is harder than ever before” is a bunch of hooey. And I’m inclined to agree.

Surprise!  It’s ALWAYS been about fundamental principles applied precisely and consistently.

If you suspect that what you’re hearing from “experts” doesn’t add up, you’ll love Mike’s new hard-hitting book. Then – you’ll be raring to get back to your craft – not trying the new fad.

Check out the #SalesTruth with reviews and summaries here.

Enjoy the straight-shooting “expert-debunking” truths that he sees his top clients execute daily and win solid new business year-over-year.

Love ’em UP!

Dianna Geairn
The Irreverent Sales Girl

Guess who’s our awesome SURPRISED Sales Expert Guest? (hint: @No1BestSeller)

Check out our most fun videocast where Shawn Karol Sandy of @SellingAgency and I cold call a BIG DEAL sales expert to see if he’ll come on our SellOut Show.

Besides the SURPRISE shenanigans, we touch on some cool sales themes. Like two things that top performing sellers NEVER DO!

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And, don’t forget to…

…Love ‘em ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Lighten up, Francis! (And do more business, too!)

Ever notice how SERIOUS you are about your business?

Have some fun and STAND OUT!

Ever notice how much you LOVE to do business with people who are fun?

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I got this Out Of Office message today and just HAD to share it with you:

Is it me you’re looking for?
’cause I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do

Yes, Lionel Richie said it best.

I am on the road until the 11th and will have limited access to email. I will reply  you as soon as possible. And remember to have fun.”

Now, THAT is a guy I want to do business with!

How can you add more fun, personality, and plain old STAND-OUTNESS to your work?

It will make you look like a rock star and have people want to play with you. Which turns into money and friends. Both of which are good things.

Go out and…

Love ’em UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Vampires Can’t – Neither Can You. Get Invited In.

VampireI was recently talking with a friend of mine who does phone sales and she told me that her company says they are NOT ALLOWED to ask the prospect on the other end of the line if it is a good time to talk.


She tells me her team is getting clobbered and is truly underperforming and that the job is demoralizing (I think she’ll be leaving soon), but her management INSISTS that they should never ask this question.

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So, it’s time for the Vampire article.

Yes. Indeed.

In the time-honored tradition of Vampire-lore, it is well-known that Vampires cannot cross the threshold into your home, until they get invited in. The barrier is considered “sacred” and “holy”.

It is the SAME THING with your prospect’s time! You MUST be invited in before you are allowed to start selling – or you will be left bleeding out of your eyes (the sales equivalent is BEING SHUT DOWN and demoralized).

What does this look like?

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A Sales Gig Primer: Show Me the Money! Part 3 of 5

OK! So, today is about Show Me the Money!

Before we start though – did you register for this yet? It’s going to ROCK! Check out this event: Your Job Search Goes Social with Sima Dahl I am attending and I want you to consider it, too. Sima is even offering the event FREE to people who are unemployed – on the honor system. She is clearly about making a difference!

Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook: http://ebook.solidsixblueprint.com/solid-six-ebook/

Show Me the MoneyShow-Me-The-Money-538x218
There are really three ways to get paid as a salesperson – all others are variations on one a theme:

Straight Up Salary
This position pays a straight salary and you are evaluated on your performance against specific measures – maybe the number of appointments you set, or your conversion rates, or the deals you bring in.

This set up is ideal for the person who does not like income fluctuation. It is also ideal for the person who feels more comfortable REALLY selling a product when they can honestly say there is “nothing in it for them”.

Base Plus Commission
This sales gig pays you enough of a base to ensure you have some living expenses covered as your income fluctuates, but provides enough incentive to get the job done and perform at the top of your game.

Be sure to know what you need to be OK first, make yourself comfortable enough with the base so that you have the flexibility to go out and sell confidently (people can sniff out desperation from a mile away). But, not SO comfortable that it takes your edge off of the hunger.

This set up is ideal for someone who has a moderate degree of money motivation. Usually this person is also intrinsically wired to simply need to achieve. They also love the “unlimited” income potential that comes along with this situation, without having it all at risk.

Commission Only
(I consider Commission with a Draw to fit into this same category. A draw is NOT a base salary. It is like going into debt against future commissions.)

This sales gig is for people who are highly risk-tolerant. They want to be paid (and paid WELL) for the results they produce. They can command much higher commission rates because they are taking on all of the fluctuation and risk of performance.

These people are self-reliant and REALLY love the “Sky’s The Limit” nature of the work.

If you are entering one of these gigs, be absolutely certain that you can rely on your employer to provide the full training and resources you will need to succeed. Many companies who pay on “Commission Only” are just fine with churn and burn of sales people. Make sure this is an environment where you can THRIVE!

Love yourself UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me!

If that’s you….then GOOD!

Salespeople (and great people) almost ONLY perform when someone is WATCHING!

Who’s watching?

If you have a sales manager who is “hands off” –  to them, it doesn’t matter how you perform – you aren’t asked to account for how many meetings you are setting or how you are doing on those meetings… then you may be in BIG TROUBLE!

Scientists have even seen the phenomenon that all particles and organisms behave differently when THEY ARE BEING WATCHED!

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How to make sure your prospect is listening!

Get your prospect's attention!“If you want to make sure you have your prospect’s 100% attention, let THEM talk!”

~ Alice Heiman


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Love ’em UP and let THEM talk!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

A watched pot never boils!

Well, it’s the end-of-the-year and I always get a bit antsy about now. A watched pot never boils!

This is when I get seduced by the temptation to hover over the contracts I want to close before year-end. I get itchy to get those deals signed, so that I can blow into new percentages of commissions and achieve epic levels of fame and adulation at my company.

I want to pull it all in NOW.

BUT, I have to remember that the watched pot never boils!

It seems to be a fundamental law of the Universe.

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If I focus on the deals that are about to close – somehow they don’t! My buyer loses budget, their company goes through a re-org, the priorities shift! It’s crazy. But downright reliable. THAT POT WILL JUST NOT BOIL!

When I remember to keep doing the right activity. Keep reaching out to my territory. Keep traveling to see people. Keep booking appointments. When I do all of this, somehow deals close and new opportunities emerge out of nowhere.

A success story

Here’s an example of something I did last week to keep my eye off of that pesky pot – and the outcome surprised me!

I went through all of my 2013 activity. Trips, demonstrations, emails, conversations…all of it. Then, I put together a list of everyone I had touched throughout the year who is not currently in a conversation with me.

Then, I sent an email to all of them – making sure to keep it personal – (no one likes to be part of a mass email).

In the email, I thanked them for the time we had spent together earlier in the year. I included a link to a cutting edge white paper that addresses a key topic in the industry. And, I asked if they had 30 minutes for a conversation to share their vision for 2014 with me.

Know what happened? I got a bunch of emails thanking me for continuing to stay in contact, I got three phone appointments with customers who wanted to discuss the timing of our contract for next year…and I got a commitment to buy for THIS YEAR – out of nowhere!

Very exciting!

On top of that, two of my deals in that pot of mine started coming to a FULL BOIL!

Keep loving ’em ALL UP and you can’t go wrong!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



Time for the whiteboard…the end of the year CRUSH IT!

Tomorrow I bring out my favorite FOURTH QUARTER sales weapon. My way to Bring It On Home for the end of the year.

My good old tried and true magnetic whiteboard.

I will write the goal I intend to reach on the far right. I will list every deal I have closed underneath and subtract to get me to the number I desire.

Then, I will create a magnet for each and every prospective customer in conversations with me right now. I will divide my whiteboard into Monday _ Tuesday_ Wednesday_Thursday_Friday and I will move my magnets to the last day I interacted with my pipeline peeps!

Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook: http://ebook.solidsixblueprint.com/solid-six-ebook/

Nothing slips through the cracks. I can visually see where I am at all times. It works like a charm.

What I can move, I can measure. What I can measure, I can manage.

What do YOU do to keep your business in front of you and moving? I would love to hear!

Love your systems UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Does “Love” matter in a Fortune 25 Relationship?

Today I met with my client. An executive of a Fortune 25 company.

Together, for the last 12 months, we have been working to make sure their programs work (the ones I sold them).

It has been an uphill battle. They signed on with my company in good faith. They wanted our product (and needed our product). My key contact has taken a stand that my service will work in her company – despite management changes and priority shifts (anyone who works in Fortune 500 knows that this is standard – everything changes on a dime).

Wondering how to go from 5 to 6 figures in sales? Check out this Free eBook: http://ebook.solidsixblueprint.com/solid-six-ebook/

My client took a risk with us. There were glitches at the beginning that, frankly, put her job at risk.

But, she got in touch with me, and my company fulfilled (and in some cases, over-fulfilled) on her expectations.

Turns out, we have been able to TRIPLE results! YAY!

Today, I had coffee with my client. Her job is going great. Her boss is now impressed. We shared a couple of personal stories.

At the end of our meeting, we hugged and she said, “I love you, dear!”

Can a Fortune 25 person say “I love you” to a salesperson? Turns out, the answer is “YES”, if you’ve fulfilled what meant the most to her and her and her position!

Can men share this sentiment? I hope so!

But, today, I got an “I love you” hug from a Fortune 25 executive. And I am happy!

Love your clients UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl